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1Thermal performance of oscillating blade with various geometries in a straight channelE. Izadpanah, M. Yazdanian, M. H. Hekmat, Y.AminiJournal of Applied and Computational Mechanics2022
2A novel design of split and recombination multilayer micromixers with excellent hydraulic and mixing performance based on the baker's transformation, Chemical Engineering and Processing - Process IntensificationM. A. Aghasi, M. H. HekmatChemical Engineering and Processing - Process Intensification2022
3The influence of energy storage container geometry on the melting and solidification of PCMMohamad Hamed Hekmat, Mohamad Hosein Khaksar Haghani, Ehsan Izadpanah, Hosein SadeghiInternational Communications in Heat and Mass Transfer2022
4Effect of Nanofluid Flows on Heat Transfer Intensification of Corrugated Channels with an Oscillating BladeM. H. Hekmat, S. SaharkhizChemical Engineering and Processing: Process Intensification2022
5Numerical investigation on two-degree-of-freedom vortex-induced vibration of a circular cylinder in power-law fluidsA. Ashouri - E. Izadpanah - M. H. Hekmat - Y. AminiJournal of Non-Newtonian Fluid Mechanics2021
6Heat transfer characteristics of laminar and turbulent wavy channel fow in the presence of a stationary or rotating bladeM. H. Hekmat, S. Saharkhiz, M. BabaieJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering2021
7Numerical and experimental investigation of air flow behavior and H2S gas emission through an inclined traversed tunnelM. H. Ahmadi, M. H. HekmatJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering2021
8A genetic algorithm-based approach for numerical solution of droplet status after Coulomb fission using the energy conservation methodM. H. Hekmat, M. Rahmanpour, M. Mahmoudi, S. SaharkhizJournal of Computational Applied Mechanics2020
9Numerical study of the oil whirl phenomenon in a hydrodynamic journal bearingM. H. Hekmat, G. A. BiukpourJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering2019
10Numerical investigation of the mixed convection of a magnetic nanofluid in an Annulus between Two Vertical Concentric Cylinders under the influence of a non-uniform external magnetic fieldM. H. Hekmat, M. B. Rabiee, K. K. ZiaratiJournal of Thermal Analysis and Calorimetry2019
11Effects of nanoparticles volume fraction and magnetic field gradient on the mixed convection of a ferrofluid in the annulus between vertical concentric cylindersM. H. Hekmat, K. K. ZiaratiApplied Thermal Engineering2019
12Numerical investigation of turbulence characteristics and upstream disturbance of flow through standard and multi-hole orifice flowmetersM. Moosa, M. H. HekmatFlow Measurement and Instrumentation2019
13Investigation on the thermal mixing enhancement in a T-junction pipeM. H. Hekmat, S. Saharkhiz, E. IzadpanahJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering2019
14Numerical Simulation and Parametric Study of the Convection Heat Transfer in a Micro-Channel Heat Sink with the Elliptical Pin FinsM. H. Hekmat, A. Ansari, M. Rahmanpour, S. SaharkhizMechanical Engineering Journal of Tabriz University2019
15Numerical simulation of mixing process in T-shaped and DT-shaped micromixersE. Izadpanah, M. H. Hekmat, H. Azimi, H. Hoseini, M. Babaie RabieeChemical Engineering Communications2018
16Effect of cylinder geometry on the heat transfer enhancement of power-law fluid flow inside a channelH. Sadeghi, E. Izadpanah, M. Babaie Rabiee, M. H. HekmatJournal of the Brazilian Society of Mechanical Sciences and Engineering2017
17A comparison of the continuous and discrete adjoint approach extended based on the standard lattice Boltzmann method in flow field inverse optimization problemsM. H. Hekmat, M. MirzaeiActa Mechanica2016
18Extraction of macroscopic and microscopic adjoint concepts using a lattice Boltzmann method and discrete adjoint approachM. H. Hekmat, M. MirzaeiPhysical Review E2015
19Continuous and discrete adjoint approach based on lattice Boltzmann method in aerodynamic optimization part I: mathematical derivation of adjoint lattice Boltzmann equationsM. H. Hekmat, M. MirzaeiAdvances in Applied Mathematics and Mechanics2014
20Development of discrete adjoint approach based on the lattice Boltzmann methodM. H. Hekmat, M. MirzaeiAdvances in Mechanical Engineering2014
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