Papers in Conferences

#Paper TitleAuthorsConference TitleHolding Date of Conference
1مطالعه دستگاههای دینامیکی به روش نگاشت پوانکاره از مراتب بالاترحسن آریانپور، صفر محمدی13th International Seminar on Differential Equations, Dynamical Systems and ApplicationsJuly 2016
2star-Calculus on Quantized Coordinate SpaceH. Arianpoor 2nd National Conference on Mathematics and its ApplicationsJune, 2015
3A Pseudo Invariant First Order Differential Calculus on Deformed N-SpaceH. Arianpoor CIMPA-UNESCO-MICINN-THAILAND School, Workshop on Spectral Triples and ApplicationsJune, 2011
4The Study of Quantum Principal Bundles on Some Quantum SpacesH. Arianpoor Summer School on Noncommutative GeometryJune, 2008
5Cohomology of Hom-Gerstenhaber algebraH. ArianpoorThe 9th Seminar on Geometry and TopologyJuly , 2017
6Integrable Dirac Structures on Lie algebroidsH. Arianpoor 8th International Seminar on Geometry and TopologyDecember, 2015
7(Non) linear Connections on Lie Algebroid Tangent BundlesH. Arianpoor47th Annual Iranian Mathematical ConferenceAug. 2016
8Hom-Lie algebroids associated to Hom-Poisson manifoldsH. ArianpoorThe 48th Annual Iranian Mathematical ConferenceAug. , 2017
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