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1The Minimum Sombor Index for Unicyclic Graphs with Fixed DiameterAmene Alidadi, Ali Parsian, Hassan ArianpoorMATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry2022-4-29
2درباره فضاهای انژکتیو تعمیم یافته درتوپولوژیهای تعمیم یافتهحسن آریانپورپژوهشهای نوین در ریاضی2017
3On The Lattice of Principal Generalized TopologiesH. ArianpoorPeriodica Mathematica Hungarica2019
4On baer type criterion for C-dense, C-closed and quasi injectivityH. Barzegar, H. ArianpoorJournal of Linear and Topological Algebra2016
5Preorder Relators and Generalized TopologyH. ArianpoorJournal of Linear and Topological Algebra2016
6A star-Differential Calculus on Functionally Quantized N-SpaceH. Arianpoor and V. Milani Journal of Advanced Research in Pure Mathematics (JARPM)2012
7The Space of Integrable Dirac Structures on Hilbert C-ModulesV. Milani, S.M.H. Mansourbeigi and H. Arianpoor Mathematics ArXiv2010
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