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1A star-Differential Calculus on Functionally Quantized N-SpaceH. Arianpoor and V. Milani Journal of Advanced Research in Pure Mathematics (JARPM)2012
2On generalized quasi Baer skew monoid ringsMohammad Habibi, Kamal Paykan, Hassan ArianpoorJournal of Algebra and Its Applications2023-6-15
3On baer type criterion for C-dense, C-closed and quasi injectivityH. Barzegar, H. ArianpoorJournal of Linear and Topological Algebra2016
4Preorder Relators and Generalized TopologyH. ArianpoorJournal of Linear and Topological Algebra2016
5The Minimum Sombor Index for Unicyclic Graphs with Fixed DiameterAmene Alidadi, Ali Parsian, Hassan ArianpoorMATCH Communications in Mathematical and in Computer Chemistry2022-4-29
6The Space of Integrable Dirac Structures on Hilbert C-ModulesV. Milani, S.M.H. Mansourbeigi and H. Arianpoor Mathematics ArXiv2010
7On The Lattice of Principal Generalized TopologiesH. ArianpoorPeriodica Mathematica Hungarica2019
8درباره فضاهای انژکتیو تعمیم یافته درتوپولوژیهای تعمیم یافتهحسن آریانپورپژوهشهای نوین در ریاضی2017
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