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1Geoid's potential W0 from a weighted constrained optimization problemKarimi R, Ardalan AAJournal of Geodesy2022
2A time series analysis of permanent GNSS stations in the northwest network of IranGhasemi Khalkhali SA, Ardalan AA, Karimi RAnnals of Geophysics2021
3Rapid local ionosphere modeling based on Precise Point Positioning over Iran: A case study under 2014 solar maximumAbdi N, Ardalan AA, Karimi RAdvances in Space Research2019
4Hydrodynamic Tidal Model of the Persian Gulf Based on Spatially Variable Bed Friction CoefficientSohrabi Athar M, Ardalan AA, Karimi RMarine Geodesy2019
5Regional improvement of global geopotential models using GPS/Leveling dataMosayebzadeh M, Ardalan AA, Karimi RStudia Geophysica et Geodaetica2019
6The Iranian height datum offset from the GBVP solution and spirit‑leveling/gravimetry dataEbadi A, Ardalan AA, Karimi RJournal of Geodesy2019
7Performance assessment of multi-GNSS real-time PPP over IranAbdi N, Ardalan AA, Karimi R, Rezvani MHAdvances in Space Research2017
8The size, shape and orientation of the asteroid Vesta based on data from the Dawn missionKarimi R, Ardalan AA, Vasheghani Farahani SEarth and Planetary Science Letters2017
9Reference surfaces of the planet Mercury from MESSENGERKarimi R, Ardalan AA, Vasheghani Farahani SIcarus2016
10Effect of topographic bias on geoid and reference ellipsoid of Venus, Mars, and the MoonArdalan AA, Karimi RCelestial Mechanics and Dynamical Astronomy2014
11On correct application of one-step inversion of gravity dataArdalan AA, Karimi RStudia Geophysica et Geodaetica2013
12An alternative method for density variation modeling of the crust based on 3-D gravity inversionArdalan AA, Zamzam D, Karimi RJournal of Applied Geophysics2011
13An overdetermined geodetic boundary value problem approach to telluroid and quasi-geoid computationsArdalan AA, Karimi R, Bilker-Koivula MJournal of Geodesy2010
14A New Reference Equipotential Surface, and Reference Ellipsoid for the Planet MarsArdalan AA, Karimi R, Grafarend EWEarth, Moon, and Planets2010
15A bias-free geodetic boundary value problem approach to height datum unificationArdalan AA, Karimi R, Poutanen MJournal of Geodesy2010
16An Alternative direct method towards Mean Dynamic Topography computationsKarimi R, Ardalan AAOcean Dynamics2010
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