CuI Nanoparticles Catalyzed Solvent-Free Synthesis of 1H-Indole-2,3-dione Derivatives

نویسندگانMinoo Shariati-Shahrzad Abdolmohammadi
همایش5th International Conference on Nanotechnology (ICN-2016), ,
تاریخ برگزاری همایش1-2 September 2016
محل برگزاری همایشIstanbul, Turkey
نوع ارائهچاپ در مجموعه مقالات
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چکیده مقاله

Abstract—Efficient solvent-free reaction of oxalic acid with various 4-substituted anilines was carried out using a catalytic amount of CuI nanoparticles (CuI NPs) as an efficient heterogeneous catalyst to afford the corresponding 1H-indole-2,3-diones (isatins) in excellent yields.