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1Evaluating radial efficiency considering environmental factors: A generalization of classical DEAAfzalinejad, MohammadMeasurement2022
2Evaluating the efficiency of two-stage systems under Stackelberg game and imprecise data conditionsAfzalinejad, MohammadJournal of Advanced Mathematical Modeling2021
3Two-level Efficiency Evaluation of Centralized Star NetworksAfzalinejad, Mohammad - Afzalinejad NedaJournal of Decisions and Operations Research2021
4Goal programming in the context of the assignment problem and a computationally effective methodG.R. Jahanshahloo, M. AfzalinejadApplied Mathematics and Computation2008
5A Ranking Method Based on a Full-inefficient FrontierG.R. Jahanshahloo, M. AfzalinejadApplied Mathematical Modelling2006
6Quadratic frontier for the production possibility set in data envelopment analysisG.R. Jahanshahloo, M. AfzalinejadJournal of Applied Sciences2007
7A comment on "An extended assignment problem considering multiple inputs and outputs", Applied Mathematical ModellingG.R. Jahanshahloo, M. AfzalinejadApplied Mathematical Modelling2008
8Rapidly Convergent Steffensen-based Methods for Unconstrained OptimizationM. AfzalinejadRAIRO-Operations Research2018
9Reverse efficiency measures for environmental assessment in data envelopment analysisM. AfzalinejadSocio-Economic Planning Sciences2019
10Radial eco-efficiency in the presence of weakly disposable undesirable outputs: Evaluating agricultural sectorsM. AfzalinejadExpert Systems2022
11On finding and detecting efficient assignments in the case of multiple inputs and outputsM. Afzalinejad, D.F. JonesInternational Journal of Computer Mathematics2010
12A Slacks-based Model for Dynamic Data Envelopment AnalysisM. Afzalinejad, Z. AbbasiJournal of Industrial and Management Optimization2018
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