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1Prediction of conversion and products yields in steam reforming of methanol over Cu-Zn/ZrO2 catalyst using Artificial Intelligence methodsMohammad Hosein Eghbal Ahmadi - Amir MosayebiApplied Research in Chemical - Polymer Engineering2023
2A 2-Dim CFD model development for petroleum coke calcination process in rotary kilnMohammad Hosein Eghbal Ahmadi - Shokoufe TayyebiApplied Research in Chemical - Polymer Engineering2023
3Development of a CFD-based simulation model and optimization of thermal diffusion column: application on noble gas separationH Eghbalahmadi, P Khadiv-Parsi, SMA Mousavian, MHE AhmadiChemical Product and Process Modeling2021
4Simulation of particle pneumatic conveying process: electrostatic charge and hazard evaluationFathollahi, M., Eghbal Ahmadi M.H, & Hosseini, S. M. JJournal of Biochemical Technology2019
5مدلسازی فرآیند تبخیر ناگهانی با استفاده از روش فازی ممدانی و مفهومی جدید به نام ترکیب درصد فازیمحمدحسین اقبال احمدی، سید جاوید روئیایی، شکوفه طیبیمجله پژوهش نفت1396
6Combined steam and dry reforming of methanol over Ni-M/Ce–Al2O3 (M=Fe, Cu, and Zn) catalysts to syngas formationAmir Mosayebi- Mohammad Hosein Eghbal Ahmadi-Mohamad HamidizirasefiInternational Journal of Hydrogen Energy2023
7Combined steam and dry reforming of methanol process to syngas formation: Kinetic modeling and thermodynamic equilibrium analysisAmir Mosayebi- Mohammad Hosein Eghbal AhmadiٍEnergy2022-9-1
8Development of a CFD-based simulation model and optimization of thermal diffusion column: application on noble gas separationH Eghbalahmadi, P Khadiv-parsi, SMA Mousavian, MH Eghbal AhmadiChemical Product and Process Modeling2021-11-19
9Combined steam and dry reforming of methanol over Fe‐Mn‐Cu/ZrO2 catalyst to syngas formation: Study about kinetic and fuzzy model approachesAmir Mosayebi - Mohammad Hosein Eghbal AhmadiInternational Journal of Energy Research2021-04-08
10Fischer – Tropsch synthesis over Co-Ni/Al2O3 catalyst: Comparison between comprehensive kinetic modeling, Artificial Neural Network, and a novel hybrid GA-Fuzzy modelsMohammad Hosein Eghbal Ahmadi - Amir MosayebiJournal of the Taiwan Institute of Chemical Engineers2021
11A new insight into implementing Mamdani fuzzy inference system for dynamic process modeling: Application on flash separator fuzzy dynamic modelingM.H.Eghbal Ahmadi, SJ Royaee, S Tayyebi, RB BoozarjomehryEngineering Applications of Artificial Intelligence2020
12Optimum Placement of Gas Detectors Considering Voting Strategy with Different Detection Set PointsRad A., Rashtchian D., Eghbal Ahmadi M.HJournal of Loss Prevention in the Process Industries2018
13Development of Genetically tuned Fuzzy dynamic model for nonlinear dynamical systems: Application on reaction section of Tennessee Eastman processEghbal Ahmadi M.H, Royaee S.J., Tayyebi S., and Boozarjomehry, R. BScientia Iranica2018
14Plant-Wide Simulation Model for Modified Claus Process Based on Simultaneous Data Reconciliation and Parameter EstimationEghbal Ahmadi M.H., Rad AChemical engineering transaction2017
15Data reconciliation and gross error detection: application in chemical processesEghbal Ahmadi, M. HCumhuriyet science journal2015
16Optimization of Fluidized Bed Reactor of Oxidative Coupling of MethaneEghbal Ahmadi, M. H., Zaerpour, M., Daneshpayeh, M., & Mostoufi, NInternational journal of chemical reactor engineering2012
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